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Company events

June 2006

Wave Idea in China to visit CME

CME & Wave Idea
Zhao Yitian & Jérôme Dumas
Bitstream 3X Factory &
production team
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October 2005

Wave Idea is proud to announce the official partnership with CME, which becomes the international representative of Wave Idea products.
Effective from October 2005, Wave Idea products are now worldwide distributed by CME China. For any inquiry regarding the distribution of Wave Idea products, please contact directly CME at

July 2003

Massive Attack tour 2003.
A Bitstream Pro present on the stage. The pictures below come from the Massive Attack gig at Cannes (South of France), on July 2003.

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March 2003

Wave Idea will be present at the Frankfurt Music Messe 2003.
If you want to meet us, it could be the right place.

Website updates

July 2003

French website available

January 2003

New website available

Products & Updates announcements

October 2007

Bitstream 3X : New reviews online, click here
Bitstream 3X : Firmware V1.7 available, click here

January 2007

Bitstream 3X now available, see online orders page
Bitstream 3X configuration software V1.4 available
Bitstream 3X firmware V1.6 available for beta testers

June 2006

CME has announced the firsts 999 Bitstream 3X will be delivered with a free aluminium flight case, click here to see a picture

Bitstream 3X software available for Linux. Both the firmware upgrader and configuration software for the Bitstream 3X are now available for Linux. The binaries (beta version) can be downloaded for Fedora core 5

April 2006

The Bitstream 3X is now produced and distributed by CME.
The differences between the Wave Idea and CME version are listed below :

Infrared controller has been replaced by a ribbon controller (A Roland D-Beam patent exists. In order to avoid any problem with Roland, we have decided to replace this infrared by a ribbon controller)
Joystick has been replaced by a model with "No return to center" since this model was mostly preferred
Price has been reduced

All the other features are similar to the Wave Idea version. The quality is exactly the same.
Future firmware updates will obviously also be available for customers who have ordered their Bitstream 3X before the agreement with CME.

March 2006

4 application notes dedicated to the Bitstream 3X have been added to the download area:

- Using the LFO automation
- Using the motion sampler automation
- Using the arpeggiator automation
- Assigning MIDI to the standard mode

April 2005

The Bitstream 3X is now compliant to Propellerheads Reason 3 remote technology. Simply install the dedicated files available on our download area and the Bitstream 3X will be automatically detected and configured to be used with Reason 3

March 2004

Wave Idea announces the Bitstream 3X, available from the summer 2004, an amazing control surface !

August 2003

Application note 04 : Using sysex to re-program the Bitstream Pro
Bitstream Pro configuration software rev 3.12 available

May 2003

Wave Idea becomes an official retailer of Ableton Live
UASC-1 ASIO driver PC version 0.7-beta available
Bitstream Pro configuration software rev 3.1 available
Bitstream Pro configuration software user manual rev 3.1 available
Bitstream Pro firmware version 2.0 available for beta testers

April 2003

UASC-1 ASIO driver (PC version) available for download
The driver version is 0.5-beta, it allows to reach very low audio latencies down to 3 ms !

January 2003

Wave Idea is proud to announce UASC-1, a USB Analog S/pdif interface, featuring exceptional audio quality, ultra low audio latency, and extreme portability ...