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[1] For what purpose was NeoSynth designed ?
NeoSynth is an expansion board dedicated to CME keyboards (UF and VX series).

NeoSynth is a sound module featuring on board sounds that can be played directly from the keyboards
[2] What is the purpose of the NeoSynth analog audio inputs ?
NeoSynth analog audio inputs are used to connect a stereo analog audio source that will pass through the built-in effects engine of NeoSynth.

This stereo analog input can be mixed wiht the NeoSynth internal sounds or redirected to the auxiliary outputs

By default, NeoSynth inputs (analog and digital) are mixed internally then routed to the FX engine then routed to the auxiliary outputs, this can be changed using the NeoSynth software.
[3] What is the purpose of the SD Card slot on NeoSynth ?
NeoSynth internal sound bank can be updated with different music styles.

These different sound banks are available on SD Card, to update the internal sound bank of NeoSynth, a SD Card with the new sound bank must be inserted into the slot

For additional information on how to update internal sounds, please refer to the user manual.
[4] Do I need to install the Xp drivers with Windows Vista ?
No, the Xp drivers are not needed with Vista.
The purpose of the Xp driver (available in the download area) is to replace the generic name "USB audio device" to a more friendly "WaveIdea NeoSynth".

Windows Vista enumerates NeoSynth as "NeoSynth" and thus does not require any driver.
[5] Do I need to install a driver to use NeoSynth connected to USB ?
No, NeoSynth is driverless since it is compliant to the USB MIDI specification, and therefore runs without any additional driver (on Windows Xp, Me, Mac).
It is highly recommended to use Windows Xp with service pack 2 installed (some Windows bugs have been corrected in the SP2)
[6] NeoSynth does not require any driver, what is the purpose of the driver available in the download area ?
The driver available in the download area is not a real driver.
When connected to USB, NeoSynth is automatically recognized as a USB MIDI device on Win Xp, Me, and Mac.
The device name assigned to NeoSynth (on Windows only) is "USB audio device".

The purpose of the Wave Idea "driver" is to replace this generic driver name with a more convenient string "Wave Idea NeoSynth".
Installing this "driver" is therefore not mandatory, it is only used to update the name of the generic windows driver
[7] I use Win2K, can I connect NeoSynth to my computer ?
NeoSynth does not require driver when connected to a computer with the USB port. This means it uses the native drivers provided by the OS. Unfortunately Win2K is not compliant with the MIDI-USB specification, as opposed to Win Xp, Mac and Linux which are compliant, it is therefore not possible connect NeoSynth to a computer equiped with WIN 2K
[8] I own a Mac, can I use NeoSynth software ?
Yes, all soft dedicated to NeoSynth are available for both Mac and Windows.
(Patch editor, Firmware upgrader)
[9] What is the purpose of the firmware upgrader software delivered with NeoSynth ?
The firmware upgrader application allows to upgrade the firmware (embedded software) of NeoSynth.

This application must be used only when a new firmware version is available.

Firmware upgrades are done through the USB connector of NeoSynth

The software is available for both Mac and Windows.
[10] Do I need to update my NeoSynth firmware ?
Yes, it is highly recommended to update your firmware to the latest version

New firmware feature new functions as well as all bugs corrected found in the previous releases.
[11] Is NeoSynth a sound card ?
No, NeoSynth is an hardware expander, it features a USB port to attach its MIDI input to a computer.

A computer connected to NeoSynth via USB can send MIDI events in realtime to control the effects, sounds, filters ...
[12] Can NeoSynth pass MIDI and audio through the USB ?
No, NeoSynth doesn't pass audio through the USB, it is not a sound card. Anyway It passes MIDI and does not require any USB driver.
[13] Can I put my own sounds into NeoSynth using the SD Card ?
No, The SD Cards contain sound banks with a proprietary format, SD Cards can not be read by a computer.