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Computer & Music UK, Issue 37

"The Bitstream offers a plethora of tweakable parameters and comes with an advanced software application that allows you to set it up in exacting details"

"The Bitstream offers a unique Low Frequency Oscillator function that, again, can be assigned to any CC or user defined MIDI event, and gives you frequency, amplitude and offset controls, along with three available waveforms : triangle, sine and square. This is a great little function that can be used, for example, to continuously modulate the filter cutoff on any typical soft synth and easily add accurate movement to any parameter you desire."

"Bitstream Pro comes packaged with a neat application that allows you to set up the device to your specifications quickly and relatively easily"

"Each parameter can include a CC or a 24 character user-defined MIDI string, maximum and minimum values, and a 16-byte description, which displays on the LCD so you know exactly which parameter you are currently tweaking"

"Bitstream Pro is a very useful and relatively inexpensive MIDI controller that does everything in one box and does it well"

"The setup software, which works brilliantly and really allows you to get deep into any function and assign it to anything you choose"

"The LFO is an intriguing addition, and the push switches, when assigned to your transport controls, really help with using any sequencer package, keeping your hands well away from that pesky mouse"

"Bitstream Pro is a worthy piece of kit and would sit proudly at the heart of your music setup for years to come"

Retours des artistes ...

  • Jake Mandell : Product manager from Native Instruments
    Website :

    "The Bitsream is the only programmable MIDI controller that has enough knobs and faders to keep all my fingers twirling while still letting me perform (instead of counting ‘eight over, three down’)”.
    "I must say that whenever setting up for a show or entertaining a curious onlooker, the Bitstream gets the most curious glances compared to all my other gear "

  • Move D : David Moufang from Source-Records
    Website :

    "I use the bitstream mainly for playing live with a laptop using ableton live or similar looper patches built with max/msp - it really helps to keep the orientation because of it's mixer like layout - i control 8 channels/loops with it and per channel Ihave some fx send, filter, bitcrusher...”
    "I am very happy with the bitstream pro !"

  • Gwydion Elderwyn
    Website :

    "I'm a software synthesiser addict - I have Reason, Rebirth, Reaktor 3, Fruityloops 3, Cakewalk and more. Not only does my Bitstream Pro work perfectly with all of them, but I'm absolutely convinced it helps me get far more out of them, creatively speaking, than I would if I was slowed down by using a mouse. It's the one piece of equipment in my studio that I absolutely could not do without."

  • Chris Bird : Live video producer from United Visual Artists
    Website : ~

    "To control the specialist program we created to produce the live video for Massive Attack's forthcoming tour, we needed a midi controller with 8 channels and midi through and midi merge. This kind of funtionallity exists only in the Bitstream Pro. We spent ages looking out for a controller of this kind, until Wave Idea were recommended to us. We look forwards to putting it through it's paces on tour"

  • Jochem Paap [ Speedy j ] :
    Website :

    "The bitstream Pro is my favorite midi controller by far. i love the way
    it can be used at different levels of expertise. it's very well built,
    i has been around the world with me and it has never let me down. it's
    layout makes it very easy to memorize your assignments which is
    essential for playing live. i'm really looking forward to the 3x! i
    can't wait for the cc curves and the arpeggiator!"